For the longest time of my career I have been working as Unix system administrator on various Unix and Linux flavours, and I have therefor a very strong Unix background. This includes all the software and tools that you come across in this business, eg databases, mail- and web services, scripting in various languages etc.

In the last couple of years I have been primarily working as Splunk expert though, supporting a very large scale Splunk installation with more than a hundred different services and applications logging to it. I support new users or teams during onboarding, with their reporting needs, helping them to get the most out of their data as Splunk SPL expert. I love to work with big data, and will always look for better ways of getting value out of it.

Aug 2014 – Present: Senior Systems Engineer @ HERE Technologies

• Started in Tools and Automation
• Implementing deployment tools for large scale AWS infrastructure
• Changed to System Monitoring and Tools as Splunk expert
• Supporting a large scale Splunk infrastructure, expert in Splunk SPL and visualization

Jul 2012 – Jul 2014: System Engineer @ The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH

System Engineer at The unbelievable Machine Company, being outsourced to support Nokia maps devision (HERE)

• Work as consultant for Nokia gate5
• Operation,maintenance and deployment of the Nokia maps platform (backend for Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps,, Garmin…) (RHEL, RHEVM)
• Implementing AWS Cloudwatch monitoring
• Troubleshooting, oncall support

Jan 2012 – Jun 2012: System Administrator @ ImmobilienScout24

Operation Management at Immobilienscout24

• Operation, maintenance and deployment of the service and it’s tools, DevOps-style
• Incident Management, categorization of problems, monitoring and functional analysis of services

Jun 2005 – Dec 2011: System Engineer @ Ecofis GmbH

Work as system engineer at IT sub company of international finance information and debt collector

• Administration of distributed AIX HACMP cluster, AIX management/administration including technologies like LPARs, VIO, FastT, HMC, NIM
• Administration of RHEL servers and clusters in 3 data centers
• Administration and configuration of Unix-based applications like Tibco iProcess Engine, EASY EE.x, Fuzzy, Websphere
• Implementation of support tools in PHP and Shell
• Release ManagementC. Rob. Hammerstein GmbH & Co. KG

May 2003 – May 2005: System Administrator @ C. Rob. Hammerstein GmbH & Co. KG

Work as System Administrator at an international automobile supplier

• System administration of AIX HACMP cluster and support of AIX client workstations and CATIA CAD application
• Backup management using Tivoli
• Data exchange with international partners
• Implementation of various administrative tools in PHP / MySql

Apr 2000 – Apr 2003: System Administrator @ Publity AG

Work as System Administrator at a “.com” company in financial sector

• Administration of the developer network (Linux, Solaris)
• Development and maintenance of productive environment
• Administration of Internet infrastructure (Firewalls (Cisco, iptables), Apache, sendmail…)
• Support in NT-Administration (NT Server, MS Exchange, Citrix Metaframe)

Mar 1999 – Mar 2000: System Administrator @ Kelman GmbH

Work as Unix admin at a start biotechnology company

• Administration of the developer network (Linux, AIX, Irix)
• DB2 administration
• User support
• Administration of Internet infrastructure (ipchains, Apache…)
• Additional developing for the company’s product and adapting of Open Source applications to fit within the company’s toolset

Jun 1998 – Jan 1999: Unix Consultant @ Alcatel Integration Services

• Installation and setup of hard- and software for a worldwide used mobile phone management system (server and workstations from SUN, X-Terminals, ethernet, modems, network printer etc; Solaris 2.x)
• Oracle administration
• Script programming for enhancing the system and solving of customer specific problems
• Worldwide telephone support for customers (troubleshooting)
• On-site installation and support all over Germany and foreign countries (France, Russia, Egypt)

Jul 1997 – May 1998: Student Worker @ Technical University Berlin

Work in research projects “Development of a profile negotiation manager program as a cockpit-ground interface in cooperative air traffic management” and “Anthropological analysis of the human-machine interface in a cooperative air traffic management” at Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Technical University Berlin.

• Assistance system administration (AIX, Linux)
• Implementation of a GUI for air traffic controllers in Tcl/Tk
• Implementation of a general client server system for simulation of air traffic (language: C)
• Development of a flight management simulation